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Slovenia is an Undiscovered Biking Gem

Slovenia is a remarkable country and absolutely perfect for bikers. There are numerous mountain biking areas, all types of terrain for adventure-gravel biking, diverse and dynamic routes for road cycling, demanding mountain passes and remote road connections. A visit of Slovenia with a bike is an excellent choice for all types of bikers, also for bike travelers and new E-bike nomads. I can say, without much exaggeration, that this little chicken-shaped country offers a lot of everything and all that a biker needs for living out his/her dreams and goals.

I can proudly say that this little land “on the sunny side of the Alps”, a term our locals like to use, is an excellent choice for all types of bikers: lovers of mountain trails, road cyclists as well as travel (trekking) researchers and E-bike users.

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The Tržič area is a paradise for romantic seekers of mystery

The Tržič area is a paradise for romantic seekers of mysteries. The area offers an abundance of breathtaking views and routes and is popular with hikers, climbers, alpinists, mountain bikers, campers, extreme sports lovers, hang-gliders, paragliders, ski tourers, ski jumpers, snowboarders, anglers, hunters… and also with historians, geologists, poets and lovers of all that is beautiful. 

»The Tržič area is a paradise for romantic seekers of mysteries and it is the right choice for your biking holiday«

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Slovenia – Active Experience

It is often said that we should look for beauty in the small things. If we follow this suggestion we sometimes find even more fascinating things than expect. Slovenia is guaranteed to be the best example of this. A small land that you can come from one side to another in under 3 hours, a land that is home to only 2 million people. But a land to countless natural wonders. From high mountains that touch the sky, to mysterious underworld in Karst. From breathtaking alpine lakes high above the tree line to emerald rivers and lakes and blue Adriatic sea. From big and modern cities to small, traditional villages. Slovenia is a country of diversity.

Slovenia is a unique destination for exploring. It is a great destination for people who prefer an active experience – the best and most excellent experience in the time that is available.

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