Lake Bled hardly needs an introduction – especially, if a picture tells a thousand words. There could quite possibly be nothing more incentive than a visit to one of Europe’s most stunning lakes, rowing a boat to the island and climbing the stairs to the church, once you are there.

This little and exceptionally beautiful town can be found in the Julian Alps, in Northwestern Slovenia..

Bled is not only Lake Bled with its well known island and castle above the lake. It is a unique location, where one can truly take in nature in its most beautiful form: pristine, unspoilt and diverse. Bled with its surroundings is an image of a picturesque landscape at the entrance to the rich and vast Alpine world. It is a natural area of experiences, where the human body can soak it in with movement, research and new experiences while recharging the batteries. Bled is not only a visual paradise. With its wider surroundings, like the Triglav National Park or Lake Bohinj and numerous Alpine valleys, it is a unique playground for socializing, various forms of adventure and activities.

Bled is truly a paradise for an active way of spending your free time and for an unforgettable adventure holiday, where each day can be a special day. You don’t have to do much to liven up your holidays, take in good stories, experience a great active adventure, explore surrounding hilltops on foot or cycle on numerous paths. Bled with its surroundings is a one-of-a-kind location for a high quality and comfortable experience of unspoilt nature, discovering clean mountain rivers and taking in the fresh Alpine air. All this is nowadays, when we live in our fast tempo life, worth more and more.