Courses Overview.

The main event of Bled Bike Festival is Mountain Biking Marathon on the three major alpine plateaus: Pokljuka, Mežakla and Jelovica. Contestants will bike by the beautiful Bled Lake, race between glacial valleys, through the intact forests and high plateaus with outstanding views on Julian Alps and the Karawanks mountain ranges.

Bled Epic UCI Bled Marathon and Bled Easy Course

Bled Bike Festival Event event venue is the start and finish line of the Marathon. The contestants will have three courses to choose from: longer, 104 kilometres Bled Epic UCI, shorter, 63 kilometres long Bled Marathon and shortest 24 kilometres Bled Easy. Each contestant will have to overcome 3,147 metres of height difference on Epic route, 1,885 metres on Marathon route and 350 metres on Easy route . Courses mainly run on gravel and forest paths with some single trails on the way. Epic course has in total 10 kilometres, Marathon course has in total 7 kilometres of asphalt road and Easy course has in total 3 kilometres of asphalt road.

The both Mountain Biking Marathon courses are considered to be technically challenging. The longer Epic course is designed for well prepared mountain biking enthusiasts who seek for longer, endurance rides. Shorter Marathon course is more suitable for wider spectre of mountain bikers with basic knowledge of mountain biking techniques.

Bled Easy Course

Bled Easy is 24 kilometres long race with 350 metres in elevation difference. It is one of the most attractive family friendly race in Slovenia.